Physicians and Dentists – Know the Hidden Costs of Your Technology/Marketing Contracts

Many website design and development contracts as well as marketing and electronic medical records agreements (“technology contracts”) contain onerous terms and layers of user fees. If a physician or a dentist (“provider”) decides to part ways with the vendor under a technology contract the transition may be costly or cost prohibitive. One of the best ways providers can protect themselves against a slue of additional costs and concerns about possible loss of data is to have the contract reviewed by a healthcare attorney before signing on the dotted line.

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New York: Mandatory Electronic Prescribing and Medicaid Updates

Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Effective in NY. While the mandatory electronic prescribing was extended by Gov. Cuomo until March 27, 2016, e-prescribing for controlled and non-controlled substances is already available in New York for those meeting the regulatory requirements.

Since 2011, NYS Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program has paid over $660 million in incentive funds

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