Pharmacies Beware of Potential Gabapentin Reporting Requirements

The Division of Consumer Affairs (Division) is proposing to amend the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) rules to require New Jersey licensed pharmacies and registered out-of-State pharmacies to electronically transmit information to the Division about prescriptions filled for gabapentin.

Gabapentin is not a controlled dangerous substance and currently is not required to be reported to the PMP. According to the Division, concerns have arisen in recent years over increasing instances of gabapentin abuse. It is reported that when taken in combination with other medications, such as muscle relaxants, opioids, or anxiety medications, gabapentin enhances the euphoric effect of such medications and its potential for abuse and addiction significantly increases. As a result the Division believes it is necessary to capture the dispensing information for gabapentin. The Division’s proposal notes that as of August 1, 2017, seven states require the reporting of dispensing information for gabapentin.

If the proposed rule goes into effect unchanged the Division will determine one year from the effective date of the regulation whether the inclusion of gabapentin in the PMP will be permanent.

Pharmacies should be aware of the proposal and update their practices accordingly if the rule goes into effect.

If you have questions about the Division’s new proposal or have other health law questions, please contact our office