Closing a Pharmacy? Remember to Follow Specific Steps

When closing a New Jersey pharmacy certain steps should be followed to protect patient access to medication and records and to minimize the disruption to continuity of care. 

New Jersey regulations, require that a pharmacy notify the NJ Board of Pharmacy, the DEA and the Office of Drug Control at least 15 days prior to the anticipated pharmacy closing date, irrespective of the reason for closing (e.g., suspension, insolvency, sale or retirement of a permit holder). Where the reason for closing results from an unexpected event, such as a death or disability of the permit holder, the Board of Pharmacy requires the permit holder’s representative to notify the agencies in writing as soon as possible prior to the actual closing date.

Specific requirements also apply to the proper handling of medication and prescription disposition.

Patients should also have the ability to access their records. The Pharmacy Board requires that a closing pharmacy make every reasonable effort to notify patients that they have a right to obtain copies of their currently valid scripts and/or copies of their patient profiles and the location of these records for one year through several specific patient notification methods.

Additional requirements must also be satisfied upon change of ownership, change of pharmacy name, remodeling or pharmacy renovations as well as change of pharmacy location.

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