I-STOP Registry Login Problems

Many of our clients have been unable to contact representatives of the Health Commerce System (HCS) to establish or resolve problems with their Prescription Monitoring Program Registry (Registry) log-in for compliance with the new I-STOP law. Recently, the Department of Health (DOH) commented on the delay.

With the August 27, 2013 implementation date, a “large late surge of practitioners are now submitting requests for HCS accounts,” said a DOH statement. “Although the Department of Health is working diligently to process all requests, this significant influx has resulted in a delay in processing accounts.” (See our articles discussing the I-STOP legislation here and here.)

The DOH recommended the following to those physicians and dentists experiencing a delay:

During this transition period, practitioners who are making a good faith effort to apply but are unable to establish HCS accounts, should continue to provide treatment to their patients in the same manner as they currently do, including the prescribing of controlled substances without accessing PMP Registry. We expect this transition period to last through October.

If you have a question about the new I-STOP legislation or have other questions about pharmacy law or healthcare law, please contact us here.